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  • Me: I should probably do something productive
  • Me: *reads another fanfiction*
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oh you like star trek? i love that show. the way it just [clenches fist] took over my frickin life

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Bones left Jim alone.

It was only for an hour. He needed to calm down, to cool his head, to take a breath before he said something to Jim he didn’t mean. It was a fight. Their first serious one. Bones hoped it wouldn’t happen, but they were both stubborn as hell. It was only a matter of time. But Bones couldn’t lose another relationship to his pride. He wouldn’t. So he walked back to Jim’s dorm and knocked. It took a moment before Jim opened it. Well, cracked it, an uncharacteristically uncertain red rimmed, blue eye peering through.

"Make it quick." There was a shake in Jim’s voice. Not rage. Bones knew rage. But this, he wasn’t sure how to label it. No adjective he thought of matched with his blond ball of light. It made Bones hesitate, but eventually, he spoke.

"I’m sorry, Jim."

Silence. A blue eye blinked at him. Bones stared for a moment before a sigh escaped his lips.

"I didn’t mean to piss you off. It was a stupid fight anyway. And you’re right, I shouldn’t take shit out on you. You deserve better. But I’d like you to stick with me anyway… if you want."

There was a pause. Then the door eased open, blue eyes widening with it.

"You’re not breaking up with me?" Jim asked. Bones blinked.

"Why the hell would I do that?"

Jim leapt from the doorway and latched like heat in a Georgian August day. Bones staggered back but luckily stayed standing. His eyes widened at the spark of yellow hair blinding his vision from everything else.

"Jesus Jim, what-"

A sob cut off Bones’s words. He paused. Then he wrapped an arm around the blond and eased him into the room. The door closed. Jim was protected, the world curtained away. They couldn’t see them. Alone, Jim shook in Bones’ arms until the sobs ebbed away. Sniffles followed. Bones waited until Jim started to stir in his arms.

"Jim, why would you think that of all the shit you do, one argument is going to make me break up with you?"

"Everyone else left. I thought…"

"That I was like every other asshole that you ever ran across?" Bones’ voice was harsher than he wanted. Jim tensed and stilled. "I’m an asshole, but like hell I’m leaving you like they did. I love you. And we’ll fight again because we’re both stubborn and sometimes you’re infuriating, but dammit I can’t get enough of you. I just needed time to calm down. That’s all. I don’t want to lose you by saying something I don’t mean in the heat of the moment. Alright?"

Jim nodded. Bones kissed him on the temple and gripped the blond tighter.

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Imagine the Enterprise crew playing “Never Have I Ever”, and when someone says, “Never have I ever fucked my best friend,” Jim and Bones simultaneously take a drink and the crew just stares

And that’s how they find out Jim and Bones are dating

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based off the war zone prompt from this list…

"Kid, get your ass down now!" Jim only barely acknowledged the man yelling through the cacophony of gun fire around them. He had to get this, he was so damn close. He almost had everything to blow this shit storm wide open. 

A mortar dropped somewhere to the left of him, and he moved to shield himself and his camera, but instead of a hail of dirt and debris, something solid covered him. He wheezed as his lungs filled with the dust in the air, choking on the grit in his mouth and lungs. 

"Godamnit," the thing lying on him muttered, before strong hands gripped the back of his shirt and his upper arm and yanked him away from the frontline. "You got a deathwish or something?!"

Jim tried to fight against the grip, but he was hauled back under cover. When the hands let him go, he wheeled round to shove at the guy, jamming hard at his shoulders.

"Why would you do that?" He snarled, shoving the guy backwards again. The guy glared at him and caught his hands before he could shove him again. 

"Saving your life, you ingrate!" He dropped Jim’s hands and stalked off. It was only then that Jim took in the activity around him. He was surrounded by Red Cross workers, and the guy who’d dragged him out was wearing one of their t-shirts.

The material that should’ve been white was grey and brown with dirt, tiny holes scattering his left side - and the tiny holes matching the scratches across his cheek and jaw. Jim felt his heart sink and the fight drain out of him.

With a sigh, he carefully packed his camera into his back and headed over to the guy. He was trying to wash out his cuts in a dirty mirror. 

"Here." Jim pulled him round by the shoulder, and the guy glared - though he relinquished the water bottle and gauze pads. "Sorry about that."

"It’s okay." He shrugged. He looked about as drained as Jim felt. With a wet pad, he did his best to wipe away the grime and dirt and the faint traces of blood. 

"There doesn’t look to be anything stuck in there. Just grit that washed out." Jim said tentatively. The guy grunted. "I’m Jim by the way."

"Leonard." He said eventually, finally looking up. He had the prettiest eyes Jim had seen in a long, long time. 

"Thanks for dragging me out of there." He switched to a clean pad and worked away more of the grime. 

"Any photographer who opts to come out here is clearly in need of a babysitter." He rolled his eyes and brushed Jim’s hands away, taking back the water and took a long swig before offering the bottle over.

Jim was hit by a thirst he’d been avoiding all afternooon, and he downed the rest before he could stop himself. The guy then made the most beautiful sound Jim had heard since the first time Jim had slept with a guy after realising that he liked them. He laughed, and it was more than he could’ve expected to find in a place like this. 

"I lost mine somewhere in the Gaza Strip." He grinned and Leonard snorted in disbelief. 

"God, what I wouldn’t give for some bourbon right now." He sighed and Jim watched him rub his eyes. He wondered what it was that had brought someone like him out here. He wondered what the story was, and he really, really wanted to know.

"I think I might have some Jack’s back at my camp. Might make up for the face." Jim said, shrugging easily. Leonard looked up. 

"It’s a start." He raised an eyebrow, but Jim just smiled. 

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Vampire Lawyer with Chris Pine (x)

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a comprehensive list of AUs that need to happen 

  • both of our children are sick in the hospital and we meet nightly at the coffee machine au 
  • spies that have to be fake married on a fake honeymoon on an undercover operation in the tropics au
  • i’m in love with your crafts in your etsy shop and i’m also in love with you au 
  • college au where my roommate brings me home to their thanksgiving and my roommate’s sister has brought her friend home as well and oh no you’re hot au
  • drunk strangers arrested for having sex outside of the bar and are stuck doing community service together au 
  • a photojournalist and a red cross worker in a conflict zone au 
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Good, uh… good luck with that, Captain.