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my heart says yes but bones and spock and their eyebrows keep telling me no 
- james t kirk at some point, probably (via spicyshimmy)
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For btgrady

Prompt: Nerd!Jim & Punk!Bones with their kids.

Jim was the most traditional looking parent on the play ground. He was well prepared with two small sweaters, juice boxes and carrot sticks at his side and a book in his hand to go with the glasses almost falling off his nose Unlike the other parents however, he didn’t seem terribly concerned by the broad shouldered man with the copious amounts of tattoos sitting at the other end of the bench, just watching the kids play. A few people whispered and shot the dark haired, noticeably pierced, man nervous looks. One was finally about to approach Jim and tell him that the stranger had been watching the two children Jim had brought with him when the little boy fell headlong into the pavement.

Two long steps and a little shushing later the tattooed man was smoothing a bandaid over the scraped elbow before giving it a kiss and sending the boy on his way. Jim smiled fondly at Bones, giving him a chaste kiss before the doctor sat back down.

“Think they’ll stop staring at you now?”

“Nah, it will probably make it worse. A lot funnier though.”

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spirited away mckirk au. please. bones as chihiro, jim as haku.

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“Jesus, Jim!” Bones yelped as Jim snuck up behind him, blowing a raspberry against his neck. Bones shoved his head away and he dropped onto the couch next to him as Bones scowled. “The least you could do is shave.”

“You not being able to dose me with beard suppressants is the best thing that’s come out of this whole dying-and-coming-back thing.” He grinned, smug, as Bones shook his head.

“Daddy, he’s hairier’n you now.” Jo piped up, looking over from where she was colouring on the coffee table.

“Yes he is, baby.” Bones shot him a look and Jim shrugged. They weren’t quite sure what Jo had done to convince her mother, but Jocelyn had let Jo come stay with them in San Fransisco for a couple of weeks, whilst Jim waited to be allowed to travel.

“He’s almost hairier’n Clay, too” She looked back at her picture. “That’s not a good thing, Jim.”

Jim stiffled a laugh and ignored the look Bones was shooting him. They’d promised Jocelyn that they wouldn’t encourage Jo’s vague distrust of her step-father. It was something that they wanted to curb as soon as possible. It wasn’t a malicious feeling, but it was important for her to be more accepting of him.

“Clay’s been good to you, you shouldn’t be mean about him like that.” Bones warned. Jo shrugged slowly. Bones wasn’t an idiot, he knew there was something in particular that had made his daughter so suspicious.

“Yeah, well, Momma wants to change my name so we’re ‘a proper family’.” She raised her fingers in inverted commas, pulling a face as Bones swallowed hard. Jocelyn hadn’t said anything to him about that. Jim took hold of his hand and squeezed it. “An’ I said I ain’t takin’ anyone’s name, but if I did, I’d take Jim’s, but only if you did too.”

She coloured a little angrily after that and Bones didn’t really know how to react.

“Your mom’s been with Clay longer than your dad’s been with me.” Jim said lightly. “I could disappear at any moment, you shouldn’t get too attached.”

“But daddy got attached to you.” She replied

“Yeah, and I regret it most days.” Bones nudged his knee against Jim’s.

“No you don’t, you just say that. You love him, so why can’t I?” Jo spoke up before Jim could reply and they both looked at her in surprise. She carried on colouring obliviously.

“Because loving someone as an adult is different, baby girl.” Bones said, feeling Jim’s hand cup the back of his neck gently.

“No it ain’t. Loving someone is exactly the same. Only difference with grown-ups is you all make a ruckus in the bedroom and think you got away with it.” She looked over at him solemnly and Bones had to remind himself that his little girl was only eight.

“What?” Jim spluttered and Bones desperately tried to keep up with the sudden change in topic.

“They think I don’t, but I hear Clay moanin’ and groanin’ and it ain’t pretty, daddy.” She shudders. “At least you two are pretty.”

She got up and brought his picture with her across the room, climbing up to sit on Jim and show it to him. “See, this is you givin’ Clay to some tribe people as a peace offerin’.”

Jim couldn’t help the grin growing on his face, but Bones took the drawing away firmly, putting it to one side. Jo glared at him and settled heavily against Jim’s chest, arms folding. Jim wrapped his arms around her gently.

“Joanna, you can’t say or draw things like that.” Bones turned to face her, fixing her with a serious look. “I’m really glad you want to stay a McCoy, but it’s not a contest between Clay and Jim. I know your momma and me used to argue a lot, but it’s not a contest between us either.”

“I just don’t want his name, daddy. I got a perfectly good one already.” She pouted a little and Bones had to smile. “An’ she makes out like Clay’s more important than Jim, and he just ain’t.”

“Have you told her that?” Bones asked.

“Not exactly.” Jo looked away.

“Then how about you try saying just like that the next time she says something that makes you angry, instead of taking it out on Clay.”

“Okay.” Jo sighed, nodding and looking back up. “But if she keeps on at it, I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

“Oh yes you will.” Bones replied. She glared at him.

“But hey, at least you’ll have powerful allies in Starfleet now.” Jim grinned and she turned to smile up at him. “You can threaten them with exile to some distant Earth farming colony.”

“How about I just speak to your momma at some point?” Bones asked as a compromise, shaking his head at Jim.

“It’s okay, daddy. I got it.” Jo shook her head and patted his knee. “Can we got out and play at the park this afternoon?”

“Sure we can.” Jim replied, letting her get up and head back to colouring as she nodded her approval. Bones glanced at Jim, who just smiled easily and leaned in to kiss him gently. “I’ll go get started on sandwiches.”

Bones nodded, not even grumbling about how scratchy Jim’s beard was. He couldn’t help but wonder how his little girl was so loyal after all the times he’d abandoned her in her short life, whether he’d done it willingly or not. He was more than a little proud of her for fighting his corner though, and if he tucked away the picture of Clay as a peace offering, then no one needed to know.

That was, no-one needed to know until Jim found it a couple of years later in their shared quarters back on board the ship. He had it framed and hung on the wall by their desks, but made sure it would be out of camera when Jo video-called them.

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#Imagine this is Jim #whenever he’s depressed or shit #and Uncle Frank has sent him to go the farm and take care of the animals #and he finds comfort in the animals #aww

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i never understood sci fi’s obession with treating every planet like a country with no diversely different aliens and there being leaders of one whole planet wtf

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Jim likes to go galaxy book shopping. 

While most crew members think he wanders off to the nearest bar on shore leave, Jim weaves his way through the streets of whatever city they’ve landed nearest too and finds the bookstores. 

There’s always one. 

Either in a small tent- with cardboard boxes holding the flimsiest of covers and pages just solid enough to flip through gently-or an honest to God bookstore-with shelves upon shelves of hard copied and bound volumes tucked somewhere far away-Jim finds it. 

And usually stares there for hours, reverently running his hands over the spines, peeking at the titles until he’s sure he’s looked at every one. 

Bones loves to watch Jim, even if he gets a little agitated at spending  hours in one place, where he’s sure the dust of all the combined books will kill them both. But Jim is happiest here, happiest with a sack full of every kind of genre-especially kids books to send back for Jo-and of varying length. 

He’ll keep them on the small regulation bookshelf, his eyes wandering to seek them out as he enters their quarters, proud of their display. 

He lost all the books he owned on Tarsus but they don’t talk about that. 

And Bones will outlive boredom and dust just to see that smile on Jim’s face, his eyes a bit brighter, shoulders a little less weighed down. 

And at night, he’ll tuck Jim into his side, don his reading glasses he still doesn’t think he needs, and flip through the pages with his husband, allowing the low rumble of his voices and their matched even breathing to take them back and away as far as their imaginations will carry. 

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I met my wife at a Star Trek convention. She was study abroad from France and spoke little English, and I didn’t know a lick of French. So, for the first few months of our relationship, we communicated by speaking Klingon. 

Hear more tales of nerdery in this week’s Pwn Up! (via dorkly)

Okay I’m not even a Star Trek fan but that’s beautiful.

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Anonymous asked:
Imagine Punk! Bones and Jim walking through san francisco and children are so confused by Bones. So he always lets them touch his hair and piercings and tattoos.


bones has so many colorful tattoos omg

his entire right arm is dedicated to story book characters and the lines are colorful and solid and his left arm has all of the bones in the arm mapped out with their correct terms

one shoulder has a sun and the other shoulder had a moon

in between his shoulders blades there is large tree that spans almost his entire back

he has a whole bunch of quotes and lines from poems and various little tattoos that don’t have meaning

his daddy’s name is over his heart and his momma’s name is right under it